Jumping In with a Jewelry Box Revival

So… I have a problem with introductions. And conclusions. I know this about myself. What if I blow it? What if I could have done better? You know – the procrastinator’s list of unanswerable questions. There is no right or wrong – just delays.

Which brings me to now. Conquering one small hurdle at a time. “Which redo should I make my first Before And After post about??? Should it be something big and grand? Or something sweet but striking? What if…?”

Too much time has been wasted in procrastination and pondering the dreaded “what-ifs”. So I will just jump right in. I’m going with something sweet and striking. Pique the curiosity a little and leave room to grow. Here goes…


I found this little wooden jewelry box at a second hand store for a pittance. The design was simple with delicate details that blended into the dusty wood and just looked… blah. But I could see the potential.


I was nervous as I lifted the lid – hoping against odds that it wouldn’t be covered in the typical pink velvet with little girl’s sparkly nail polish long since dried in a hardened glossy puddle. Nothing! Other than a little bit of dust, it was perfect.


After a quick sanding, I gave it a couple coats of white chalk paint. I didn’t bother taping off the metal pull plate on the front, but was careful not to get too much paint on it. You can see in the Before picture above that the metal had an old clear coat that had begun to chip, so I knew I was going to sand that down to remove the rest anyway. Once it was dry, I lightly sanded the whole piece, including the pull plate on the front and distressed the edges a bit to bring out the details. I debated using antiquing wax to bring out the details even more, but decided I liked it just the way it was.


I looked at the dust and lint stuck in the inside corners and wished I had a triangular lint roller… scotch tape worked just fine! Simply pressing it onto the velvet and into the corners pulled out the little bits and left beautiful, clean red velvet! Off to the shop it went and sold shortly thereafter.


Hopefully this little revived jewelry box will bring joy to the person who keeps their beautiful baubles neatly contained within it for many years to come!



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