Bench gets Sacked!

If you follow furniture renovations at all, grainsack painting (mimicking the look of a grainsack on a painted furniture item) is all the rage. (I just wanted to say “all the rage”.) But really – I love the look – it’s symmetrical and crisp, but worn and comfortable. I have been looking for a good piece to do grainsack stripes on and found the perfect candidate!

Please excuse the semi-before picture. I started taping before I remembered to take a shot and didn’t want to have to re-measure. So I would ask that you try to imagine this little bench without the green tape. The bench is a simple design and looked to have been spray painted to look primitive. The base was black with red flecks of over-spray and the top was red with black flecks of over-spray. You can see where the red had sprayed over onto the top of the legs… it was a good start but could be so much better… Can you see it? Can you see it “better”?


I figured rather than paint the whole thing, then paint stripes on, I’d save myself some work and just tape off the stripes using the existing red. Brilliant, right? After some quick measurements & eye-balling, I taped on the stripes and started painting in an off white. For reference, Frog Tape is perfect for nice crisp lines. After a couple coats, I pulled off the tape while it was still wet and let the piece dry for a bit. After it was dry, I did a quick sanding to give it the worn and comfortable feel, before pulling out the Howard’s Feed & Wax. Wipe it on, buff it off – super smooth protected finish!


Was there anything wrong with the little bench before? No – albeit a little dark and sad, it was fully functional. But it wasn’t fun… it was missing it’s pop! Now it’s been Revived! And will be happily awaiting it’s new home when it goes to the shop tomorrow. Enjoy!

– Delia


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