Pleasantly Surprised!

I enjoy being pleasantly surprised.  I imagine most people do.  It’s a simple thing really.  You don’t expect goodness, you get goodness, and you’re happy. There it is – pleasant surprise.
I received a batch of forgotten goodies from Rebecca, the wonderful woman behind Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique.  (The Grainsack Bench was from this batch of goodies as well!  You can read about that revival in the previous post.)  Rebecca had said she had some items that were collecting dust and I was welcome to redo them if I would like.  Of course I would!  Among the items was this little vintage magazine rack.  It had pretty lines, but there was something about it that didn’t excite me.  I don’t know why, but it just didn’t grab at my heartstrings.  But as it sat, I figured I could at the very least spiff it up a bit with a new coat of paint.  I will tell you here, I was way off!
I chose a nice light gray and started painting.  Small items like this one are sneaky – they are so little that you hastily determine it will only take a few minutes to paint.  Yet the size itself is where the deception lies – look at all the surfaces on this piece!  It had nooks and crannies everywhere.  By the time I reached the end, the better portion of my painting hand was also the chosen shade of nice light gray!  Nooks and crannies, I tell you!  I started out using a paint brush and was having difficulty reaching and getting even coverage on the interior.  So I resorted to a foam brush.  But the plastic handle of the foam brush kept bonking into the interior parts I just painted.  Out came the kitchen shears and I cut that plastic handle right off!  Insert big silly self-satisfied grin here, whereby I happily continued to get great paint coverage for the remainder of the interior in a matter of minutes!
This brings us to the point where I was pleasantly surprised…  Not only did the little magazine rack look spiffed up, but it looked downright elegant! 
I gave the whole piece a quick sanding to soften the feel and couldn’t help but bring out some of the lines with some light handed distressing.  It had a delicate, fresh beauty that I wanted to retain.  I gave a coat of clear wax and debated a dark wax to highlight some of the afore-mentioned nooks and crannies, but decided that would take away from the “fresh” feel it had.  It makes me want to sit down with a good magazine and a nice, hot cup of tea….  Stand by for the coordinating tea table on which I will place my imaginary cup of tea in an upcoming post!
This revived vintage magazine rack is currently for sale at Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique patiently awaiting it’s new home.  Thank you for stopping by!  

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