Keeping it Real

There is old and dated, and then there is old and lovely.  The difference is the life in the grains.  Sometimes a piece needs to be slathered in paint to feel revived, and other times it just needs to be given a freshening up.

A dear friend of my father’s has heard of my habitual furniture rehab and has taken it upon himself to grab pieces for me along his travels.  This chair was one such piece.


It was a sturdy old bugger and there was something quite charming about it.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it when I took my sanding block out but after a couple rubs, the grain of the wood – dense and pure but dry as anything – came through and this chair’s destiny was clear.  It was simply perfect as it was – it was just thirsty!


So I gave the whole thing a simple sanding with the sanding block….

And broke out the coconut oil…  Look at the difference hydration makes!


I struggled a bit on what to do with the seat.  It was a woven paper material and was shredding towards the back.  Dirt and dust had gathered in the cracks so I started by blowing out all the grit with the air compressor.


I debated how to proceed… Polycrylic?  Mod Podge??  Paint???  Wax????…  I went with wax.  I wanted to retain the look and feel of the chair, old flaky seat and all, but not seal in any dirt bits that hadn’t blown off.  The wax seemed to do the trick.  The shredding seemed to halt and the seat was still soft.  Now look at how lush this beautiful chair looks now…



Revived with a little hydration!  And I feel good because I have retained the integrity of the chair as it was meant to be….


Thanks for stopping by!

– Delia

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