Bohemian Chic Side Table

I’ve mentioned my father’s friend who has become my personal furniture recruiter.  He picked up this little side table for me.  Someone had painted the top a dark green, which had gotten a bit beat up.  But other than not liking the paint and a ding in the top, the table was in great shape.


Originally I pictured it with a red base and stained top, so I sanded the top down to wood.  It had a beautiful grain… but there was that one ding right on the top… and I kept questioning the red.  I’ve done quite a bit of red lately.  It had a cool Bohemian feel and red or green kept coming to me.  So I opted for green.  I took a trip down to Lowes and browsed through the paint swatches, looking for the perfect shade of green.  Valspar’s Clubhouse matched the image I had in my head.  I had a sample pot made for under $3.  To this, I added some plaster of paris to give it some qualities of chalk paint.  I love the fact that it dries quicker and how it sands to such a smooth finish.

As I do, I started painting the table upside down so I could easily get to the edges you only notice occasionally.


Once I had gotten all the upside down edges, I flipped it upright and painted everything else.  Then once it was dry, I gave it a quick sanding and very light distressing.


I love the satisfaction of waxing a sanded piece….


I used Howard’s Feed & Wax rubbed on with an old towel, and it gave the green just the shade I had envisioned.





So there you have it – a beautiful Bohemian Chic side table.  You can find this table at Rebecca Christine’s Consignment Boutique, all Revived and ready to go home to be put to good use.

One last Before and After…



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– Delia


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